Hello Navigators!

Posted By GoIndigoAdmin in Parents on March 06, 2015

Hello, Navigators!

Our Indigos amaze us everyday with their offerings of intuition, intellect, love, passion, curiosity, kindness, determination, healing, creativity, wisdom, gratitude, sharing and empathy that come from deep within their soul. What an incredibly beautiful world we manifest when all of these are fully appreciated, validated, nurtured and shaped within our society with the same emphasis we put on other, ahem, "important" things! There is an opportunity for an abundance of gifts to be given and received by all...without having to stand in line on Black Friday, but sometimes these fleeting moments may be easily missed.

One Saturday morning I was sitting with my 21 month old son at his little table as he was eating oatmeal. He took a few bites, then excitedly got up with a spoonful of oatmeal in his hand and darted down the hall. Of course my immediate thought was, "Ugghh, I gotta get him back to the table." Exhausted, I certainly was not looking forward to cleaning up an extra mess of sticky oatmeal all over the house! I started to redirect him, but decided to wait to see how it played out. Upon getting to the bedroom where our cat, Shadow, was hiding out, my son generously extended his arm to feed his oatmeal to the kitty. Shadow was not overly impressed by baby Godzilla shoving a spoon in his face, but I was so touched by my son's uninhibited desire to share. I realized that, had I been determined to keep him at the table, I would not have allowed his gift of sharing to be either given or received. 

Each time we deter the offering and receiving of one's gifts, it's like throwing a pebble into a stream, one may not seem to have much impact, but eventually the pebbles pile up limiting the steady current. That which lies downstream no longer receives the nourishment of the life giving water while the source is overfilled. So I say...Let the gifts flow! This is how we honor the divine nature of these beings. This is not easy to do, and it takes support and community to do it.

It may not make sense in the moment, but when we see what a child's intent is, and potentially receive a gift, what's one more mess to clean up in the grand scheme? (Of course, this does not apply when safety is an issue). Think about what your child is communicating with his or her actions and words. What is the reasoning behind it? Judgment of ourselves and others, as well as our own limiting beliefs, can also interfere with this, even on a subconscious level. Somewhere I was thinking, "I can't have oatmeal all over my house...My kid needs to stay in his seat at the table...I don't feel like chasing him...," but I had to ask "Why?" I encourage you to do the same! It isn't about relishing the calm between the storms, it's finding moments of peace and possibly hazy clarity between the flashes of lightening and clashes of thunder to add a bit of mindfulness when you can be in tune with your inner sense of knowing.

I love the synchronicity of launching Go Indigo at this time of year when our focus shifts to gratitude and the giving and receiving of gifts. It couldn't be more perfect. Among the hustle and bustle that comes with the holidays, let's take a moment to recognize, honor and treasure these gifts that our Indigos and each individual bring to this planet. May your holiday season be filled with abundance and gratitude. We look forward to connecting with you, learning about your experiences and building a community to support each other as a parents, teachers and guides.

With love and gratitude,

Amanda Nitschke

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