Would you like partner with GoIndigo™? We are looking for organizations that would like to become part of our apprenticeship program, working directly with our students. GoIndigo™ students needing valuable hands-on experience in their chosen field or affinity (people, animals, environment) will volunteer with your organization to learn but more importantly to practice their healing powers. Imagine seeing the healing power of these energy workers and helping provide the experience they need to succeed in their future careers as bio-energy healers. 

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Non Profit & Apprentice Partners

GoIndigo™ partners with nonprofit entities and offers free GoIndigo Certified Healing™. This is how we build up the apprenticed hours of our healers. Your organization gets the benefit of bioenergetic healing, and you also further the career of our healing staff. It is truly a win-win scenario.

  • Lamoreaux Ridge Equestrian Center
    Lamoreaux Ridge Equestrian Center

Corporate Partners

Once a GoIndigo Certified Healer™ reaches level 3 in our training program, they are ready to put their skills to use as an occupation. Our Corporate partners include hospice care organizations, professional sports organizations, Thoroughbred horse racing facilities, and many others. If you would to hear more about how our incredible healers can help you and your customers, please contact us.


GoIndigo™ is a nonprofit 501C3 organization and is headquartered in the state of Texas. We are able to continue our work through the generous donations of our supporting benefactors. If you would like to become a benefactor and help us do even more, please contact us.


Strategic Partners are people and/or organizations that have been, or continue to provide, supplemental services for GoIndigo™. We encourage you to visit their websites, learn about them, and follow our GoIndigo™ blogs and newsletters. Each and everyone of these amazing resources will be making appearances or offering services during GoIndigo™ community events.

  • Karen Anderson: Animal Communicator
    Karen Anderson: Animal Communicator
  • Angelosophy
    Angelosophy: The love of Angel wisdom... I AM THAT I AM
  • Austin Shamanic Center
    Austin Shamanic Center
  • Linda Drake: Life Path Healer & Business Advisor
    Linda Drake: Life Path Healer & Business Advisor
  • Leaps with Language
    Speech-Language Therapy, Academic Intervention and Yoga
  • Cindy Nilson: Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine
    Cindy Nilson: Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Barb Steinberg - Teen Life Coach
    Barb Steinberg - Teen Life Coach. Working with and for girls!