If you are reading this, you may have suspicions or are validating that you have an Indigo in your care. Most likely, you are the parent or guardian of someone you feel might be an Indigo Soul.

What is a Navigator?
As the Indigo’s purpose is to heal, the Navigator’s purpose is to guide and protect the Indigo Soul in their care.  This is not an easy job! Indigos require extra patience and understanding as they attempt to make their way in a world that often feels unjust, confusing, and overwhelming. Traditional parenting methods may not work. These sensitive and strong willed beings require guidance and protection that reflects their uniqueness and elevates their spirit. The Navigator is critical to the stability of the Indigo. In our Certified Indigo Navigator™ program, you will learn how to help your Indigo flourish. We invite you to step into your role!


GoIndigo™ teaches the skills that, as a Navigator, you will need to help your Indigo along their path to purpose. Many of the techniques we teach in the Indigo Level 1 training are included in the Certified Indigo Navigator™ curriculum as well.  Additionally, you will receive tools, techniques, and specific coaching in order to transform cultural mindsets that have caused confusion, frustration, and uncertainty among our Indigo and their caregivers. 

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