"Your son is Indigo." My mind is racing .... Indigo? What the heck is that? "Oh my!" she said, "and your daughter is Indigo too!  {chuckling} What were you thinking to agree to two Indigo children? You have your work cut out for you!"

20 years of life experience raising an Indigo and 5 very short years of learning what Indigo means ... or rather what it doesn't mean. More importantly, what it really IS. It may stretch every boundary you have: logical, emotional, religious or spiritual (depending on your own personal background), massive highs, and massive lows. Why would this gentle soul be in "my" care. Because that Indigo soul chose you.

If I had known when my children were younger that they were Indigo, I would have done things very differently. Unfortunately, I cannot turn back the hands of time.  However, I can share, actually "we" can share what it's like to be responsible for raising an Indigo. That's exactly what the Parents' Corner is all about, collaboration. This is a forum to discuss what works, what doesn't work, what to expect, what is ordinary for some, but extraordinary for others.

Welcome.  We hope you find a sense of community, a sense of enlightenment, but most of all, a sense of excitement of what being the parent or guardian of an Indigo really means.  Reach out to other parents and join our community on Facebook to get input, ask questions, and see if we will be holding an event near you!

Q & A

How do I know if my child is really Indigo?

 Ask us. There is no ego involved. A soul either is, or isn't, Indigo.

How do you Ask?

With the permission of a parent or guardian, an individual that is trained can ask your child's “highest self” on your behalf. Click on the Contact link. We will need your child's full name, birth date, your name and your relationship to the child as well, to make sure we are asking the right soul. Remember this is not a medical diagnosis, but rather a spiritual diagnosis.

My child is Indigo. Does that mean they are gifted?

It is not to say that one human life is less than, or more than, another human life. It is simply a way to identify an individual, who will grow up to be, or who already is, a naturally gifted healer. The world is filled with non-Indigos that are very enlightened, spiritual, beings as well.

My child is in constant interaction with imaginary friends, is that normal?

We all come into this world with a "knowing." Unfortunately, that "knowing" is typically suppressed by society pressures vs. nurtured and encouraged. I reflect on certain situations now where I didn't take something my child said or did seriously because it didn't make sense to me. Stop, really listen, ask questions, and believe. Just because YOU can't see it or hear it doesn't mean it isn't there!

Should my Indigo child be attending public school?

There is no right or wrong answer. I found my children did fine in public school through 5th grade. I wish I had enrolled them in a Montessori program up through 8th grade. Children have more freedom to move around with more hands on/tactile learning. My experience found my kids to be super smart, but conventional methods didn't work for them. Sitting at a desk all day. The energy (chaos) of so many kids was overwhelming. Allow them the time and solitude to decompress. If you rush your Indigo through school and many extra curricular activities you may have an emotional mess on your hands.