As a Navigator, it is your job to guide, guard and protect the Indigo Soul in your care.  What does that mean?  Where do you begin?  

Although there are many resources available that discuss the topic of Indigo children, we must clarify that Indigo refers to a soul. The soul never stops being Indigo. Souls come to Earth through conception and birth so naturally they begin their journey as infants and grow to adulthood. To be “Indigo” does not go away. A person does not grow into it or out of it.  

The below referenced book, The Indigo Soul: a child’s journey to purpose is written by GoIndigo™ co-founder Arnette Lamoreaux.  The emphasis of this book is not who or what is Indigo, but rather why Indigo?  Follow a 19 year journey that eventually led you, the reader, to where you are right now.

***Indigo is not a medical diagnosis, it is a spiritual diagnosis***

***Indigo is not a way to explain or justify behavior***  

***Indigo is a purpose***

The Indigo Soul: a child’s journey to purpose

The Indigo Soul: a child’s journey to purpose

When I started my professional career I was told I was tenacious. I had to look up the definition. Determined or stubborn: tending to stick firmly to any decision, plan or opinion without changing or doubting it. The last few years I have been anything but tenacious. I tried one thing, if it didn’t work, I immediately changed course and looked for another viable option. My heart goes out to parents who may find themselves in a similar situation. I had the background. I had resources. More than that, I had an undeniable fear. Fear that my kids would be lost in a world that didn’t understand, nor WANTED to understand. Not everyone can function in our educational infrastructure and how dare anyone pass judgment and say they are inferior in any way. My lesson: to not be afraid of the mandates of this society. This is the true story of a mom, protecting her children, and learning that their true purpose is to not only to protect me, but everything else as well. I am again tenacious; for all that is Indigo.

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