Think of the average electrical current flowing through an average wire.  If too much electricity is released at a given time, that same wire could short circuit.  Yet, if the wire was originally intended to allow an unlimited quantity of electricity the energy will always flow with little to no resistance.

Now think of Indigo as a wire, but instead of electricity flowing we are talking about bio-energy.

Why Indigo?
To be Indigo is to have a naturally high vibrational frequency. Indigo have an innate ability to transmit a tremendous amount of bio-energy.   But what does that mean?  If people, animals, even the planet can receive bio-energy healing through a conduit of a higher vibrational capacity and for a shorter period of time, wouldn't that be something?

Indigo may look the same on the outside, but to be Indigo is to be “wired differently”.  The purpose of Indigo is to HEAL.

Are you Indigo? Learn how to make bio-energy flow!

What is bio-energy?

Western culture embraces the idea of bio-energy healing as an effective, holistic technique for the treatment of physical illness, emotional blocks, mental obstacles and spiritual issues.  Eastern culture believes in the same thing; Reiki being one of the many healing modalities available.  So is it Bio-energy or Reiki?  Call it what you will. Regardless, receiving healing through an Indigo is the preferred way!


Every living thing radiates energy: people, animals, planet Earth. With the instinct to want to nurture, care for, and protect a living being, an Indigo gravitates toward one, possibly more. We call this an Affinity. Pick one… and explore!