What is “normal?” Who defined and determined that scale of normalcy? Why are we scared of behavior or choices that are not status-quo? Why is everyone expected to conform to the same standard of being normal?

GoIndigo™ is here to encourage this gifted population to define Indigo normal. More importantly, to provide support and resources help you prepare to step into your purpose. Be proud of being Indigo.

INDIGO SCOUT: come closer, your purpose is calling

INDIGO SCOUT: come closer, your purpose is calling

It seems the emphasis has been “who” or “what” is Indigo; rather than “why” Indigo. Indigo refers to the vibration of, and around, a soul. The human body, which encompasses the Indigo Soul, in essence, radiates energy at a higher level than that of their counterparts. The true purpose of Indigo is to serve the greater good.  We will not find many materialistic, over-achieving, corporate climbing, Indigos in our midst. The Indigo is not motivated by the same wants and desires as the rest of us.  God sent them to Earth for a reason.  

This book is meant for the Indigo Scout. Indigo individuals who have struggled with "what is normal" and offers practical help on how to bring positive changes to your life and prepare you for your true purpose.

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